The Soundboard for Your Next Adventure!

Tabletopy is friendly audio software for Windows that brings beautiful, immersive sound effects and ambient music to tabletop games. If you are looking for a soundboard for all your tabletop gaming needs, Tabletopy has arrived to provide gamers with enough ambient sound and sound effects to turn even the simplest quest into an engaging adventure. Now, you can set the stage in a way never seen before, increasing production value and bringing your games to a new level.


Expand your story-telling capabilities

Aleister Hero Character


Within this tab, game masters can find a choice of sounds that subtly color most encounters. It serves the purpose of a quick reference sheet for action or atmospheric sounds that are commonplace in most fantasy-themed campaigns.

Hecate Hero Character


This tab provides a genuine atmospheric experience for the players. Besides familiar effects, such as rain, snowstorm, and thunder, game masters also have access to the sounds of different biomes.

Theregar Hero Character


The combat tab contains many of the sounds and effects one would expect to hear in combat. Swords clashing, hand-to-hand combat, spell casting, canon fire, and explosions. Even armies marching or the general madness of a battlefield are included.

Roth Hero Character


Perhaps the GM requires a pleasant, dulcet tune for a relaxing place that the party can enjoy. Or maybe, they wish to inspire a sense of awe and motivation with a rhythmic exploration theme. This section contains music for these occasions and many more for the majority of situations.

Theregar Hero Character

DM Tool

The DM Tool tab contains action and event sounds. When accenting a situation like rolling initiative, finding a new location, or leveling up, this section holds multiple sound bites that perfectly punctuate these moments.

Theregar Hero Character


Within this tab, players can find a choice of sounds corresponding to different professions, crafts.


It's a stand-alone product, different from the website, so the functionality will be different. The software version includes even more sounds and sound effects, free updates, and offline use, so you don't need to stay connected to keep playing.

• System requirements: Windows PC, display 1360x700 or higher
• One-time payment (no subscription)
• No internet connection required
• All future updates are free

Lifetime license: $28